Angry Birds 2

Kill even more green pigs and smash even cooler stuff
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Angry Birds 2 is nominated as the best quick play. This excellent game is characterized by perfect visual art and design. You should try it because it is funny and rather developing if you want to train your logic and strategic thinking. So, Angry Birds are back with new moods and puzzles. There are challenging levels and stunning graphics. Try it on your mobile devices, and enjoy a smooth gaming experience!


This is an action strategy where a player is expected to choose which bird to protect next! And that is not a simple task as it may seem at the first view. You must assume responsibility and decide wisely in order to cease crashing of eggs. You will sweep away the pigs and blocks, so that you could get extra birds! Are you ready to slingshot the birds, each one having a particular power, and ruin the towers killing the pigs? There are 140 levels with stages inside. When you complete the 25-th level, you start the Arena section with daily challenges and can play tournaments with other players connecting to Facebook. In order to reach the next stage, you should destroy a set of pigs. You are expected to participate in boss battles. Now those birds are represented by virtual “cards”, and you are free to choose any of them as we have said before. Here you can use a system of lives, represented by hearts, which are lost one after another if you fail to complete a level. Challenging, isn’t it? Be sure, you will enjoy these multi-stage levels!


Here graphics are even more attractive compared to the first release. It is bright and structured. You will be impressed by new Piggy Island with marvelous landscapes full of exotic plants. There are fanciful animations and funny details, which still pose danger for the main characters and therefore for a player. In other words, there are some changes requiring to take a close look at the guide. This is a refined version of all you have seen before within this story.


Angry Birds is a brand and you cannot refuse this fact. There are so many adaptations of the characters and idea that almost everybody has heard something about those birds in recent years. The last release differs from the previous games being more complicated and diverse. Here you will be forced towards in-app purchases by video adds which advice some chargeable help. Though, the game itself is free. Player will certainly enjoy this new virtual world with its main task to keep eggs protected from enemies – pigs.

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by Brandi Lewis
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