Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is a free basket-shooting challenge game for mobile devices that tests your timing and coordination.
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Basketball Battle is a game developed for mobile devices. You can play it alone or invite friends to split screen. Enjoy bright colors and simple moves which will kill your spare time, and at the same time, it will test your coordination, patience, and timing. The task is to direct the main character when playing both against the computer and a real opponent.


You will appreciate easy tools which can be mastered in no time. You will play with pleasure and without difficulties! Here nasty cross-overs and step-backs are possible! What else? There are a lot of functions like pump fakes, shot blocks, score layups, grab steals, and even more. Controls are very simple. Just tap the screen if you want a virtual player to jump; release a tap in order to shoot. The rest details of movements depend on tension, duration of a tap and so on. Thus, the system is simple but very flexible. Do your best to develop your skills to achieve the best result.

This game will keep you engaged for hours until you reach the top as far as it is one of the best multiplayer game. Here you are expected to demonstrate your skills, ability to apply controls, and gain score more. The basic task is to beat an opponent in real-time. You can progress in the game and get new challenges. There are special shoots and particular movements, which deliver power. Apply the features to improve your throw. Do not be a fuss, start out and become the best player step by step.

The rules are clear. If a player shoots a ball through the basket, a team scores. At the end of the game, the points are counted, and a player who has most of them is considered to win. Make curves to send a ball to the basket. Shots are regarded as good if a ball goes in the basket. There are no other criteria for evaluation. A player can count on an extra life if he manages to shoot the basket in such a way that a ring is not touched.


The graphics are not complicated but very attractive. A player is allowed to customize the look of his character and in general to upgrade him. You will never be bored to see the same avatar. Though, such options are for purchase. Also, there are sound effects.


Being released in 2016, Basketball Battle has become very popular. It is a smooth game which is based on your ability to control movements of a player. You are offered to download the Basketball Battle game for free! It is rather addictive and challenging. You can play offline if this mode is more suitable for you.

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