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Best Fiends is a very popular puzzle adventure game suggesting you to solve the puzzles which you will see on the world map. There are also quests and events which should be completed. It is important to upgrade your fiends to overcome all difficulties at the harder levels. Only when you cope with the tasks, you will progress in the game. Are you ready to start?


From the very beginning, you will get a lot of funny characters to select from. Collect as many as you are able and improve them to defeat the Slugs. You can unlock very rare fiends or spend in-game currency to buy them. Though it is not necessary to get some special one, you are able to complete the level anyway, but the more powerful creatures make the levels easier.

The title suggests over 3 000 levels which will provide you with a lot of fun. There are puzzle elements displayed on the screen. You should slide a finger across the screen and link the similar color of these pieces in order to achieve the goal of the game. Thus, matching you will solve puzzles and get rewards.
In order to upgrade the fiends, you should collect three materials, including Yellow and Blue Meteormites and Diamonds. As a result, your fiends will change their appearance and become more powerful, gain strength being able to battle. In order to use these powerups, you should apply a bit of strategy to think the situation over and make plans.


The graphics here are well-done with cute characters and bright colors. Enjoy quality animation and rhythmic music. In Minutia the nice creatures lived. Once, they were disturbed by a meteor smash providing them with unique force. They became greedy pests threatening to Minutia sliming up everything around. But there are also perfectly designed heroes who are going to understand the nature of that strange event when a meteor smashed and beat those monsters. You will see the detailed world map and recognizable characters. Everything here is done with a professional approach.


There are three key moments here. You are expected to solve puzzles, complete events, and upgrade fiends. There are two types of quests and specific challenges. The game is easy to play, but in order to master it, you will spend quite a lot of time. Though the story is light enough, the game is full of social features.

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