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Blood Pressure is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Medical, and has been developed by Klimaszewski Szymon.
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This is almost the best application allowing to track your blood pressure and get maximum information concerning this matter at any time of a day. Do not forget that this parameter is vital for your health; that is why it should be monitored and controlled constantly. The app allows to keep the readings, analyze and compare them.


This software is not only for those people who have been diagnosed with high or low blood pressure and have to control it daily. Of course, you should get the most precise parameters in order not to worry as to numbers varying from standards. This application provides you with tools to track and monitor your pressure. You will be able to keep blood pressure within a healthy range or react immediately if there is some deviation. This app has a simple and clear interface that can be mastered even by a beginner. Monitor your health state in a visual way through charts. You can calculate the average parameter after you make several attempts to measure pressure or set a reminder to do it at any time you need. If you want to find out whether readings are normal, you find the norm here and compare them with it. Moreover, you are allowed to share the results with your doctor.


The app is easy to use. Simple interface and minimum tools make it available even for those people who do not feel confident with software. Almost all actions are made with tapping. You should note that the application does not measure your blood pressure as far as it is not possible with a smartphone. It just stores information about the results made with professional equipment like a blood pressure meter and allows to process it as you need. You can enter readings quickly and simply and get graphical visualization. It is possible to separate readings entered during a day and send information by e-mail wherever you want. Critical values are mentioned with a bright color so that you could pay your attention to them. If there are some comments, leave them or edit readings comparing them with the previous ones.


This app has been installed over 10 000 000 times since it was launched. It allows you to control your blood pressure using your mobile device.  You will find out how easy it is to support the management of your own health. If you have some difficulties with controls, you can turn to help pages. The software suits almost any mobile devices requiring minimal phone rights.

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