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Its up to you to watch the color pattern of each obstacle to get through
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Hey folks! Have you played this bizarre game? Reintroducing the evolution, the mastermind, Color SwitchPhoenix, the creators of Color Switch have brought it BACK! This time, smarter! This is certainly a game of twitchy fingers and color coordination. As players move up through levels, they meet circles that spin, lines that move and a variety of other obstacles. Each obstacle comes with four colors to scale.

Having over 200 million installs now, Color Switch, published by Fortify, quickly went on to claim the number one spot on the App Store's top free charts in over 100 different countries including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Well, not without earning a whopping 50 million downloads.


The game objective is to traverse your player or ball to the finish line or to break all brick blockages by paddling, breaking, and shooting. To succeed, plan your time, make the right move and make sure you tap on colors that match your ball. A broader picture would look like this

  • Tap more to move your ball across each obstacle.

  • Match the color pattern to maneuver each obstacle.

  • Patience is the key here.

  • With earned stars, you can unlock new balls.

  • Get to Endless mode for a set of never-ending challenges.

  • Don’t forget about the updates.


When it comes to gaming, visuals and sound are everything! Color Switch graphics is a combo of eye-catching, jazzy and quite simple details. This isn't a bad thing at all as the bright pops of color work really well for the game and are not too distracting for the player. Color Switch uses 2D graphics which is perfect for a mobile game. The graphics may be pretty straightforward, but they also look very stylish on mobile devices. The slightly retro feel of the whole game enhances the quick and addictive gameplay.


This is a nice game that anyone will find totally absorbing or would I use, completely enjoyable. And here’s the reason:  Color Switch has been built by Masterminds. With that, it’s achieved a high score-driven game design. No need to mention that the challenge and chart-topping nature of the game alongside word of mouth are enough to get anybody to download the game and start playing.

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by Brandi Lewis
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