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Covet Fashion - Dress Up Game is a free Android app, belonging to the category Mobile Games with subcategory More Games.
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Shopping is no doubt a pleasant addiction and Crowdstar developers know it better than anybody else. Covet Fashion app by Crowdstar Inc is a great entertainment game for all fashionistas out there. Discover hundreds of luxury brands and fresh fashion trends on your smartphone!


Covet Fashion game is a modern alternative to the cardboard dolls games that we used to play in our childhood. All you have to do is to buy clothes and build up your wardrobe.

Create stylish looks and attend themed events. Every time you attend an event wearing an appropriate look, you get money and new items unlocked. There are also “Wardrobe goals” to achieve. Each time you complete such a goal, you also get beauty rewards (new hairstyles and makeup).

Covet Fashion uses two types of currency: dollars and diamonds. To gain dollars is much easier than diamonds. For example, you get $500 every day, while diamonds are given only for particular challenges. Jet Set Events are the major diamond-winning challenges. These events are series of special themed parties like “Dinner at Michelin Star Restaurant” or Sunset Soiree in Sausalito”. By reaching high scores in such events, you will get a 500 diamonds reward and unlock new events to complete. If you don’t like to wait and go through extra events to get the diamonds, there are also in-app purchases that include diamonds buying option.


Covet Fashion is made up of smooth textures and vibrant colors. You can customize your doll with makeup and hairstyle to give it a more realistic look. While the game offers clothing from real fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Jovani, and etc., the apparel is literally copycat based on real collections.

Game animation looks a bit angular and hammy, but it doesn’t bother you at all.


The Covet Fashion is a cool girlish dress-up game. Dozens of real designers clothing and accessories available on your smartphone to create luxury outfits. The game is safe for kids, as well as it can be useful in developing their style preferences. While the game has in-app purchases for getting more diamonds and other game stuff, you won’t even need this due to the amount of awards you get for completing the challenges. Download the Covet Fashion game to your or your kids Android device to give them constant and safe access to the world of cute dresses and design outfits!

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