Farm Frenzy

Learn to farm and grow a business through this fun simulation game
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Farm Frenzy Free is a time-management game allowing you to understand what it is like to run business connected with farm. You will get a clear idea of all activities and enjoy the real fun of being involved in this creative process. Download Farm Frenzy Free to look after poultry, cows and sheep, to produce organic food products and to do other interesting things.


This marvellous farming simulator is rich in plenty of activities which can lead to high score and winning in this game but of course, the time you spend being engaged in these events is pleasure by itself. You will hardly want to give up because it is pure amusement. Still, it will take you some efforts to achieve goals. There are 72 levels packed with actions that will keep you occupied for months. You will start with collecting eggs and end with producing cheese. In addition, you are expected to upgrade farm, refuse some types of vehicles in favour of others to be able to transport your products to the destination. You will be suggested the standard upgrades and the ways to unlock VIP bonuses which provide you with very fast vehicles, useful equipment, discounts to make beneficial purchases needed to make your farm better. You have over 30 buildings at your disposal which should be upgraded. And the most advantageous feature of this game is unrestricted game time. There are no limits at all, so you can cope with your tasks as long as you want.


3D graphics are colourful making visuals attracting and fun. The background is very vivid but at the same time, it does not distract you from the things going on up front. You will enjoy interactive effects - if the grass is eaten by pets, it disappears. Vibrant design with slightest details being rather true to life is accompanied with a nice soundtrack creating a special mood of active life full of important and beneficial tasks.


Farm Frenzy is a free stunning game with plenty of challenges and with tons of levels. In addition, you can refuse an advertisement which interrupts playing Farm Frenzy. In this case, you are suggested to buy a special premium release without ads. Everybody can do it and enjoy playing without a pause. This is a real saga with a lot of objects, beings, tools, vehicles, and capabilities. You will do everything to enhance your farm and earn a lot of money which can be spent on further improvements, caring for funny animals and producing a lot of products to sell.

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