Fireworks is a free Android application that will help you celebrate the new year on your phone.
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Funny Fireworks is a family-friendly simulator game which is oriented on kids mostly, but adults also can try it in order to relax and have some fun. Download Funny Fireworks and enjoy this simple but addicting activity even if it is intended for children. This musical instrument is available for everyone.


We are sure you will love the app due to its simplicity and amazing gameplay. It is developed for mobile devices with touch controls. You are expected to tap the fireworks appearing on your screen in order to get some melody. It reminds playing the piano and when you do it for the first time you can find it a little bit difficult. It is not so easy to make a correct move with your hands but when you practice, you will get a marvellous result. This game is a xylophone available for free. Use it on your tablet pc or smartphone and learn the basics of music. It is a nice training instrument in the form of a game. The app is constantly updated. You can count on fixing of minor bugs. Since recently it is possible to remove advertisement just pressing a correspondent button. There is also a mute button. You can apply optimization settings to adjust the features in accordance with your preferences. You are suggested to apply game extras like the second level looking as balloon pop game. Here you will face funny characters and will do your best to succeed in popping the balloons. Have a good time!


Though, the game is simple and you will not find a lot of diversity here, the design pleases eyes anyway. Those stunning fireworks sparkling on the screen are fascinating. HD graphics are well-done. You will hear soft sounds which are rather pleasing. Funny design makes you smile and due to the support of all screen resolutions, you are able to enjoy beautiful fireworks on your mobile devices.


Play the Funny Fireworks game at any moment you like. The more you practice, the more you enhance sounding. You are recommended to spend hours in a regular way to achieve the best result. Soon, you will be even surprised that you are able to do such things using your mobile device only. But of course, prevent children from sticking to this game too much. The last update is dated of 2016.

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