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The FOX News app for iPhone gives you access to the latest news stories from the channel in the palm of your hand.
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Fox News is an application providing breaking news with videos of high quality. You will get access to the freshest news, resonating live events and exclusive programming with streaming coverage. Download Fox News and stay informed of everything that may be important in time.


This app helps you to keep the track of surrounding allowing you to view news on demand. It contains the latest articles about various events happening in the US and throughout the world. You will read the opinion of experts on economics and politics here. It is full of information about celebrities, business and sports headlines. Fox News is suited to every fancy and very finely tuned to a busy lifestyle. You will be offered to watch live streaming video on your mobile device. Enjoy real-time reporting. Now it is possible to watch your favourite live video and Fox News shows at any moment on the go. Adjust breaking news alerts and be sure that you will get headlines you need 24/7. In order to find the one, you want to view first, just browse the latest news stories interesting for you. The content is always well formatted being easy to read. You can count on direct connection with the trending news about everything. Exclusive news on demand is also available from the #1 cable news shows. There are various formats: slideshows, formatted content, and video. Full screen is available as well. Share trending clips from favourite shows and discuss them with viewers. Do not forget about entertainment highlights.


The application is extremely easy to use without any restrictions and particular difficulties. You will appreciate a user-friendly interface with all the features you need within reach. To cope with all functions, you will not need a tutorial. Design is clear and nice. Blue background with colourful headlines attracts and involve. The hottest and latest political news is waiting for you! Save them if they matter and look them through later.


Find facts and rumours about politics, economics, culture, and sports – whatever you want to know you will get. You will be suggested the most comprehensive coverage of stories. All that you should do is to download Fox News on your mobile device and enjoy it 24/7. Live streaming videos or material on demand – everything is for your attention. You can view stunning photo galleries. This is a never-ending feed of news and opinion pieces written by experienced and smart authors. Stay informed on the go!

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