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Free Music is a free program also available for Windows Phone that belongs to the category MP3 & Multimedia Apps with subcategory MP3 & Audio.
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iHeartRadio is a commercial-free internet radio for those who want to listen to music and not just that on the go. Download iHeartRadio and get access to broadcasting and different songs free of charge. You will be offered advertisement here but not too much.


This application suggests a wide range of audio content suited to every fancy. Installing it on your mobile device, you get a possibility to listen to over 1500 live radio stations. Just imagine this choice! You can change your preferences of genre endlessly. Rock, pop, country, R&B – everything is available now. In addition, you can enjoy comedy and other entertainment broadcasts. Of course, you will be the first to know the hottest news from all over the world. Do not forget about your favourite podcasts including new or past episodes which are streamed in a high quality. Join talk shows and breakfast hosts. Everything is free of charge! Do you like the AM or FM radio stations? You will get them here, as well as Australia’s KIIS 1065 and New Zealand’s ZM. Perhaps, you are crazy about Radio Hauraki. Be sure, it is available. Enjoy tons of songs from almost any artists existing in the world. The app suggests on-demand podcasts bringing you true and useful information about finance, sports, events in any sphere. And you are not expected to pay for it. Your listening experience can be customized easily. You can choose favourites and store them in the library creating a kind of "Favourites Radio”. Moreover, you can choose a soundtrack for a particular purpose. Decide what you want to hear when you walk up or work out.


The app is well-done with smooth graphics and responsive controls. You will not face difficulties with navigating through the interface due to its accurate layout when everything you need is within reach. There is a panel, clicking on which, you reach the Get Stations icon and can choose any genre you want to listen to. Choosing music genre, you get access to stations. It is really comprehensive, but… a little bit aged. Thus, we should confess that design requires deep updating and visual refresh


Even within the contest of strong competition in streaming music space, this app stands out with the quality of delivered product and extensive offer. It is focused on live radio streams with different categories of content. Enjoy this internet radio with hottest artists, most provocative talks and amazing podcasts.

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