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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a wizarding world augmented reality game based on the Wizarding World which is in its turn themed on Rowling's original novel. You will be suggested to participate in various adventure activities within full 360-degree advanced AR.

When you download the game, the first thing you should do is to create the Ministry of Magic ID. Then, you will be suggested a range of tasks allowing you to earn the skills needed to become a member of the wizard profession.


The title can be compared with Pokemon GO. Here you will navigate a new recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. Your task is to find physical locations in the real Muggle world where Foundables are hidden. There is the Map with all Traces of magic showing you the places. Be ready to cast spells in order to return those Foundables to the wizarding world. You will see the magic around you.

In this magic environment you will meet various creatures and people, pick up the artifacts and benefit from memories. Cooperate with wizards and witches from all over the world playing in a multiplayer. You will solve the mystery of the Calamity trying to avoid various dangers. There are things which will help you on your journey. You will be suggested to regain Spell Energy in the particular inns or get to wizarding world locations applying Portkeys.


The game is very well designed. The widely known characters resemble the origin very much and even if some new details are added they suit the authentic magic world perfectly. Thus, if you have a clear idea of how this environment should look, you will find exactly what you want to see. It is easy to navigate the characters and there are settings allowing you to adjust some visuals to your preferences.


The game is well done, and there is real-time cooperative multiplayer delivers very strong playing experience. Invite your friends to take part in such battles like Wizarding Challenges which are arranged in the real time mode. You will fight against dangerous foes. You will hardly overcome complicated obstacles and find rare Foundables alone. Thus, we recommend to form a team and develop the strategy considering the unique skills of every member. Those diverse abilities will be very useful at different times.

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