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Hello Neighbor! is an extremely entertaining game if you love to sneak around finding some unusual things. Basically, Hello Neighbor! is a multiplatform survival horror game which goal is to find your way into your neighbor's house (and eventually into his basement) so you can reveal all his secrets. This game was developed in 2017 by Dynamic Pixels and was published by the tinyBuild company. Hello Neighbor! has been well met by critics, who spoke about its twisted plot and great art style. It is available for the vast majority of modern devices, including Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, and Android.


In Hello Neighbor!, a player finds himself in a new house, in front of which a weird neighbor lives. It seems, he is hiding something frightening in his basement. Your task as a player is to enter his house and gather some clue items which are needed to unlock the basement. When you explore the house, you should try not to be seen by the owner. Otherwise, you will be chased and probably caught. Each time this happens, you have to restart the level at your own house.

The neighbor's house has a huge number of rooms, each of which has objects and devices that are somehow helpful for your playthrough. In some episodes this makes the game look like a puzzle. Also, this game contains elements of parkour.

The house has truly unusual things, for example, the railway, on which you can put a real train (and even ride in it), doors that are accessible only at night, and numerous gates that can be opened by hidden switches. These tips, as well as the structure of the house itself, suggest that all this happens in a player’s dream or imagination.

Also, the player can receive additional abilities: invisibility from a neighbor, double jump, etc. To obtain them, you need to open minigames using special keys. It is recommended to pump these abilities, as they will be needed in the final phases of Hello Neighbor!.


Hello Neighbor! is made in a unique cartoonish style with bright colors. Dynamic Pixels designers have made a great effort to draw some unusual art and implement it in their game. The problem is that even with the simplicity of Hello Neighbor! graphics the game can freeze even on modern PCs. This problem may be connected with Windows optimization, because users of other devices don’t observe such issues.


Hello Neighbor! is a great game which tries to be special among other survival horror indie projects. And to be fair, it has a lot of interesting gameplay mechanics, as well as unique design, so it performs the above-mentioned task quite well. Despite some problems with PC version optimization, this game already has a couple of intense sneaking hours to offer its players.

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