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Mahjong Titan is a free game of high quality being a version of the mahjong solitaire. You will be suggested to learn simple rules and follow them without many efforts. Indeed, the title is relaxing and does not require a lot of special skills or training. Probably, you have tried it before as far as there is a board game which is extremely popular in the world. The game runs in a smooth manner. Be ready that it is addicting. You can expand your experience to buy additional packs which contain rather brief but interesting levels.


Anyone can play it. Just match pairs of similar tiles and remove them from the board looking for another couple. In this online version, you are suggested to choose from over 1600 boards. You can sort them by completed ones and those, which you have not tried. Start your day with a new board and stay involved in this title for years. In addition, you can customize the game choosing any of eight tilesets and the same amount of backgrounds. If you do not like the background you are offered, just change it and enjoy.

This title is optimized for the portrait mode providing you a range of requirements to meet. There are various goals like to succeed within the limited time, complete a particular number of boards, play without undoing, and so on. Here a timer will start only when you match a pair and pause when you exit the game. There is an advertisement, but it is not frequent being easy to skip. All in all, this game is full of virtues, and we highly recommend to download it on your mobile device and enjoy.


As you understand, a board game cannot boast of complicated and diverse visuals. You will not have many characters and elements of design, but its quality is still very high. Enjoy 1080p HD graphics and responsive controls. The images on the tiles are so beautiful that you will enjoy changing the sets. You will play listening to pleasant music.


This boarding game will help you to have some rest or just to kill time during your day. Its replayability is rather high due to new games coming daily. You are suggested to apply a wide range of customization tools so that you would be able to refresh your experience with new beautiful tiles. Apply various modes, achieve all goals, and complete the boards – that is a game for everyday use during a very long period of time.

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by Brandi Lewis
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