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Trivial Quiz Pursuit Knowledge is a free title full of quiz questions which are arranged in accordance with categories. This game can be considered as educational as far as it expands your perspective and tests your knowledge in various spheres and still delivers fun gaming experience. Here you will find millions of topics suiting to every fancy. Choose anything appealing to you. The selection is really diverse. It can be science, sports, entertainment, geography, history, art, nature, and general themes. You can show your understanding of music, paintings, and books, remember all existing counties with their capitals, artists, and great football matches.


Starting a new game, you are suggested to answer the questions. The more items you succeed, the faster you level up. The simplest task is to answer seven questions as fast as you can. If you get a lot of right responses in a line, you earn more points increasing your score.

There are some elements like nuggets allowing you to boost advancing through the levels. You should win them and use as you think beneficial. It is possible to wager with your friends when complete challenges. And if you win, you double the nuggets which you have wagered.  

If you want to change the category, you can do it without any difficulty in settings. Moreover, it is possible to combine several topics or even all of them in one game by applying the random mode. The mechanics will suggest you a bit of everything. When the level is over, you will be shown the stat with a number of correct and incorrect items and a number of points compared to the record. In addition, you can look through the categories and find out which one is more successful, meaning that you have shown the best result and gained more points.


Graphics are rather nice but not too complicated. Clear interface with a comprehensive layout will allow you to navigate through the app without any difficulties. At the home page, you will be suggested just two buttons: “Play” and “Categories”. When you make your choice, on the display you’ll see a question one at a time with the variants of the answer. Click to choose the right one.


Trivial is a very useful and engrossing game which helps you to track your progress and see the performances of every game. You can return and improve the result or try the next topic. Be sure you will not meet repeated questions almost. Perhaps, scoring can confuse a little bit, but take it easy and enjoy playing. You will pick up a lot of useful knowledge from this game.

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