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Apple: The App We Delete Deserve That

Jessie Thomas
Apple: The App We Delete Deserve That

After the recent wave of posts by developers that have received a warning from Apple about possible removal of their apps, there finally is some response. Though Apple effectively insists on its policy of removing dated apps, it also gives at least some explanation to its decision. Also, it gives developers more time to update their products.
Recently, many indie developers started receiving emails from Apple with warnings that their apps may soon be removed from App Store. The developers were offered 30 days to submit an update, otherwise their apps would be no longer available after that. The decision was, to say the least, controversial. The developers argue that their games, being finished products, need no updates or server parts at all.
In the statement released by Apple as a response to these claims, the company only confirmed its intention to keep removing apps it considers obsolete. It’s not the years, though; it’s also downloads. Even old apps and games, according to Apple, can remain on App Store if they are still popular despite lack of updates. So it happens with, say, a game named Pocket God that’s still often downloaded.
This makes doubtable the reason that Apple removes old apps because of potential risks. If an obsolete app is still popular, it carries more risks for those who install it now despite potential bugs and lack of compatibility. Instead, it leads to the conclusion that Apple just frees more space and removes apps and games that are so irrelevant that no one needs them.
As a silver lining, Apple has made a step towards the developers. Now they have 90 days instead of primarily said 30 to update their apps and submit new versions. It’s not clear, though, whether this will make much change.
Do you still use apps and play games that haven’t received updates for years? Have you ever encountered any problems with them? If you have something to tell about this situation, welcome to the comments!


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