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Stop Watching the Same Ads with YouTube's New Tool for Brands

Jessie Thomas
Stop Watching the Same Ads with YouTube's New Tool for Brands

Wouldn’t you agree that it's pretty annoying to see the same ad on YouTube all the time, even if it's a well-made one? If you use the app all the time, you've probably come across this situation. However, this week, YouTube decided to tackle this problem, allowing the brand itself to choose how much its ads will be shown to an individual user.

In February of this year, Google released a special tool with which you could find out the frequency of ads. With its help, it is possible to analyze the advertising campaigns for both YouTube and its competitor Hulu. And this week, the new YouTube Frequency ad counting tool is available to count ads not only on YouTube’s smart TV, but also on desktop and mobile platforms. This innovation will lead to less advertising for users and a more positive perception of advertising in general.

YouTube introduced this feature primarily to improve the performance of ads. After all, it is quite obvious that if the same advertisement irritates the user over and over again, then they are less likely to perceive advertising impressions, which will reduce the effectiveness of viewing ads, and consequently reduce the company's income.

YouTube made a special mention of this new option in its blog, highlighting the uniqueness of the ability to be able to set the frequency of ads. Thus, advertisers will be able to adjust the advertising frequency to fit their needs dynamically.

Do you like this new feature on YouTube? Have you often had to view the same ad over and over again? Please tell us what you think in the comments below.


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