Air Horn Prank (Joke): Don’t Abuse or Misuse

If you work on a boat or are a passionate football follower then Air Horn could be just the app for you.
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Apps for pranking are a special sort. It takes some specific sense of humor to apply them right; otherwise, you just won’t understand why these apps exist at all. Air Horn Prank only does one job: it makes a sound when you want it to. You need to tap it or let it detect a sound around.

It can be used both on the telephone and in your room, with a company. The idea is quite good, but its realization lacks lots of things that would have entirely changed the experience. So, let’s review what Air Horn Prank is in its current state.


Responding with a sound is the only thing this app does. It includes a set of sounds you can use to play a joke on somebody or enhance your experience while, say, watching a football game. It makes a sound when you tap the screen anywhere (unless you’re lucky enough to tap an ad). The sounds available include air horn, truck, train, ship, police or air raid sirens, vuvuzela (sounds best with sports), doorbell, laugh, pig scream and (of course) fart. The latest option seems the rudest and easiest for company jokes.

The app is, in fact, as simple as can be. There is only one option to select. You can tick the box to activate sound detection. If you do the app will play the selected sound automatically as it recognizes the sound loud enough. Alas, its sensibility is not adjustable. Neither does this feature work when the screen is off.

If you plan to use this app, you better connect your device to some external speaker, as no option of those above sounds naturally from a phone or a tablet. The speaker should be positioned somewhere between your guests, so they may suspect each other.


All of the few options are available right from the home screen. They include sound detection activation and selection of the sound to play. Alas, the options are too poor for unfolding your creativity.

As for the sounds, they seem too short for real usage (though it’s the question of your creativity). It would have been great to have some of them accompanied with street noise, or to have various versions of the same sound playing randomly. Alas, this option is yet to be added (if ever). But the app has been updated in October 2018, so we suppose it’s not abandoned, so there is hope.


If you like joking and pranking, you’ll probably find this app useful. Even this poor set of sounds, with only one in each section, can help you in practical jokes. The developers say they welcome new suggestions from users. Alas, there are too few in comments, silenced by disappointed users leaving rude reviews. Maybe some interesting propositions have been mailed to the developers directly. Let’s hope so.

So, this app lacks more sounds, more options (like adjustable delay after it detects the sound, mixing sounds with each other, or adding custom MP3 files), and background mode with the screen off. Then it would be of much more use. Hope the developers will read it and make their app more usable.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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