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Angry Birds Evolution

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Angry Birds Evolution is considered to be the best role-playing game in the series. It is fun, and still it resembles the original. You will navigate birds and launch them into combat. Here you will appreciate a new mechanics with story elements taken from other mobile games and characters looking like some heroes in Pokemon Go.


The gameplay is rather addictive despite familiar events. In this game your general goal is to build up an army of birds. When you manage to win the match, you get access to new recruits, and in addition you will get particular power-ups and special attacks, which provide you with more chances to win in the next battle. Though there is no need in a large number of birds in the army, but it enhances gameplay. So, do your best to collect characters. Also, you should pick up lives and resources and check a lot of other items almost every few minutes. And we should confess that this can be boring sometimes. The story of this release continues the things of the previous 14 games. Here you will find jokes, irony, and borrowed ideas from other games.


The graphics are well balanced, though the developer has managed to break most mobile design rules when he forces the screen into the landscape mode all the time. The battle starts just immediately, though it would be more convenient if you can choose it from a menu. You send your birds to the arenas and level them up when they win. All of them are detailed and funny. In general, the game looks like a cartoon. As to sound design, it is really bad here. There are just two songs, or to be more precise, there is one song because the other one is its remix.


If you like this title as an idea with its characters and style, you will enjoy the release. But those who are not interested in the brand, probably will find nothing appealing about it. It is fun but not too much, the battles of birds against pigs are not iconic. Hardly, it is able to repeat the success of the original which was a hit due to the design innovation – that special idiom for a touch screen. Still, you will feel the charming effect of Angry Birds when playing it.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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