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Bloons TD 5

Defend the tower with this quirky and fun spin-off app
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


Bloons TD 5 looks like a tower defense game where monkeys fight with balloons. You use monkeys as towers to defeat deadly balloons. The game delivers plenty of choices which include challenges. You will follow the maps with winding paths and spend hours walking around. When you make progress the complexity increases. You will be offered multiple routes including the sea ones where there are pirate ships. Just start. It will be exciting!


Gameplay is simple but amazing. You are expected to arrange a monkey army using the ones powered in a particular way. If there is a need to defeat floating balloons, you will fight. Everything seems to be very simple. Though, the idea is completely simple, playing is truly amazing.

Moreover, the game will provide with strategic experience. Think of what can be used by you to get the result. You will upgrade your soldiers so that they could prevent or slow down those waves of balloons. Place a monkey towers as you want, upgrade them to get special abilities. In general, various tower constructions are available including completely absurd ones. Try them and see what you will get. Choose your strategy and customize it in order to achieve the best result. As you play, your superhero becomes a sun god. There are other evolutions which are rather funny.

When you start, you have a little cash which is enough to build an army. When popping balloons, you get more coins which should be spent on powerful monkeys and various upgrades. There are dozens of characters you can select from. Just decide what strengths and weaknesses are needed for you right now. Ninja monkey is able to ruin camouflaged balloons while a cannon tower will pop an armored lead balloon. And so on.


Design is cute with those simple but funny characters. This is a real pleasure to play with animated monkeys in suits showing their abilities. Cartoony visuals are fantastic. Enjoy bright colors but mind that, when you progress, the screen may become too colorful. Towers themselves are designed in an interesting way.


This game suggests plenty of choices. To decide where the best one is, you should practice. Only when playing, it is possible to understand which towers are useful and which ones are not. Taking challenges, you will be engaged with this game for hours. Diversity is really rich and will keep you involved. Though, the game is free, there are play mechanics which are needed a lot ad should be bought.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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