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Bloons TD Battles

Realtime PvP Tower Defense
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


Bloons TD Battles is a new tower defense game suggesting multiplayer combat. Here you will navigate monkeys fighting against other monkeys until the victory. You will find about 20 tracks intended for head-to-head which can be easily customized. In addition, there are upgrades and various battle boosts. In general, the concept is simple, you will learn the rules without difficulties and start playing quickly. While progressing the complicity will increase, and the new strategies of the game will be discovered, and you will get even more satisfaction from playing. If you are a fan of this genre, you will definitely appreciate this free title.


The gameplay of Bloons TD is rather traditional, but still, you will find new elements. Discussing the playing mechanics, we would start with the available game modes. The Assault Mode allows you to build and defend towers being able to shoot balloons when you are fighting against your opponent. Those balloons help you to develop a more efficient strategy, including timing. Defensive Mode is about increasing your income by applying advanced defense solutions. Battle Arena Mode is the most challenging version of Assault mode with much higher stakes. Here both players have similar towers with the same equipment and try to win applying skills without any privileges.

In this game, there are a lot of engrossing features. Two players can compete in head-to-head. There are 22 monkey towers which can be upgraded eight times. You will be suggesting to boost your bloons, and that allows you to be more powerful, acting faster under conditions of the limited time. Do your best to get the higher scores and be the first on the weekly leaderboards. The top results will bring nice prizes for you.


You will definitely like this game-rich in vivid colors with nice looking graphics though the design is rather simple. The game delivers a range of maps providing a fresh detailed environment with specific locations where you can set your tower. There is joyful music. Unfortunately, you can face some crashes and disconnection, but in general, the game runs smoothly with responsive controls.


This game provides you with so many options within diverse modes that you will enjoy the powerful replayability and smart challenges. Use tower placement as a helpful strategy element and apply all the tools available to succeed. You are allowed to initiate private matches or join those which are arranged by other players. Be ready to perform 16 achievements and complete your mission, getting the highest scores.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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