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Board Kings

Board Kings is a free game for Android that belongs to the category Games, and has been developed by Jelly Button Games.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


Board Kings is a casual strategy board game you will love at first sight. It is simple, amazing and free. In short, you will move around your custom board, upgrade properties and get in-game currency.


It is typical to other board games. Being extremely fun and clear it still requires your efforts to succeed in it. It is recommended to be played with other players, so you can connect to Facebook, for instance, and invite someone to join you. This is not necessary but really recommended if you want to have fun. There are 4 common game pieces to choose from. If you need hints on how to play, turn to the nice tutorial which runs when you start playing. It will instruct you during first turns explaining various kinds of spaces where you can land on and start building your town or fighting with other players.

Board Kings demands to apply strategy and trust in your luck. Most events here happen by chance. You roll the dice and move the specified number of spaces getting some cash for every move. Most actions are available on particular spaces, but you can’t decide to stop at your own wish. Board is packed with a lot of things including chance card spots providing bonuses, a vending machine giving new game pieces and so on. You can drive cop cars, store money in a piggy bank, steal money from other players.


The design is nice with a lot of cute scenes which are fun to look at. The cartoony board is rich in details and vivid colors. Street includes realistic sights and sounds. Visuals attract and make you be engaged even deeper. To act, you should press a button on the bottom of the screen. Arrows are for building. Simple tapping on the board is enough to play with pleasure. All boards have unique looks, there are ones which are more difficult to navigate.


Board Kings includes all features which are common for board games. You will build towns and destroy the locations of other players. You will have to collect items, and hope to get the best number when rolling a dice so that you could receive the last upgrade and go to the next level. You should understand that here you will deal with random choice and that is why luck keeps most of the game under control. Still, you are expected to think over your choices in order to get all the achievements. Play alone or with friends and get fun. By the way, the game does not take a lot of your device memory.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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