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Bold Moves

Bold Moves is a free Android app, being part of the category Mobile Games with subcategory Brain Training & Quiz Games.
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Bold Moves is an arcade with elements of a crossword. Also, the game has got a popular mode «three in a row». It is simple and straightforward. The only difficulty is a limited number of moves, but this feature is typical for such games.


It may seem that it's a usual game of moving various elements on the playing field. Partly, it is, but the main goal is to open various wise quotes of actors, singers or other famous people after finishing the level. The text is hidden under the tiles at the top of the screen. Creating large chains, you have to get rid of colored elements with letters, so that the latter jump up and take their place in the inspirational phrase.

The player is limited in the number of moves, but it's possible to think as long as it's needed. Even without collecting all the letters, you can move to the text-puzzle mode in which it's possible to add the missing letters with pens and collect a quote from them.

To enter the text puzzle mode, you will have to fulfill additional stipulations. For example, it will be necessary to get rid of lawn grass tiles or of other specific elements. It is better not to rush, and to think clearly. To use additional moves or boosters, you will have to pay with precious stones that are really hard to get. It's possible to earn them for some actions or for real money.

Hundreds of great levels in this puzzle will not give you an opportunity to relax. With each new stage, there will appear interesting things and surprises. The point is that even the losses don't always mean defeat in Bold Moves.


The game has received the original design of locations, high-quality graphics, and good animation. Multi-colored crystals can easily bewitch either children or adults. Anyway, they don't look too bright and don't irritate your eyes. The playing field is presented by a pleasant moving picture of nature.

The animation of disappearing chains requires special mention. E.g., when you create a big line of special color, these tiles will turn into small butterflies that fly in all directions. There present other similar kinds of animation.

Bold Moves is free of charge and does not bother players with advertising. There present in-game purchases, but it's possible to play without them. Also, fans of «three in a row» genre will definitely appreciate this project. If you want not only to kill your time, but also to learn new quotations, you should download Bold Moves.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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