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  • Version: 2.12.7
  • Category: Action


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Bowmasters is a casual shooting game available for Android and iOS. You can play it on your desktop as well as on your mobile devices. So you can play it anywhere, anytime. Bowmasters is a non-stop shooting game. The game is full of action and fun. The game's concept is simple. But the game is full of addictive elements. The game is also full of thrill and excitement.


Bowmasters’ gameplay is pretty simple, there are different game modes, but what you'll do is to shoot with your bowmen. You can shoot with 3 different bows. You can also throw special items to attack enemies. The game also has some special modes, which are very funny, e.g. the Minecraft mode, in which you have to kill zombies, or the Jackhammer mode, in which you have to break through the obstacles with your Jackhammer. The game features funny ragdoll physics and a lot of content.


The game has 2D graphics and it is not very detailed. But nevertheless, it is full of color and the characters are funny and cute. This game is way more focused on the gameplay than on the graphics, and developers aimed to do a game with a chill and lighthearted mood, which they did succeed at. Bowmaster's graphics will look good for people of any age, they fit the relaxed mood of the game really well.


The game has a very lighthearted and fast-paced mood, this is why you'll probably want to return to it again and again. The replayability is also increased by the fact that the game has a lot of different characters, and each one is unique and has different power and abilities. There are also different locations which you can choose for playing.



    Funny characters; Simple controls; Well-designed levels; Nice graphics;


    Too short game; Boring gameplay;


Bowmasters is a very fun and lighthearted game. It’s something different than the usual intense and competitive games. It’s a game you can play with your friends or family, or even by yourself. If you want to play something relaxed and chill, this game is for you.

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