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Bump review

Bump is a delicious puzzle in the genre «three in a row». You have to touch the screen to destroy animated fruit in three thematic levels of the game: Green Forest, Blue Ocean, and Ghost Town.


There are a lot of levels in the game, so you obviously won't get bored. Despite the fact that the tasks at the levels are of the same type and practically do not differ from each other, the player will have to think long over the moves in search for the optimal solution.

All games of this genre would not be so attractive if the developers have not prepared small surprises and bonuses, which are presented by bombs and other effects in Bump.

Also, it's possible to use special cocktails: you can collect them if you know certain schemes. For example, the chain of four fruit will give you a glass of juice, while another line can give you a jug. What is the difference between them? The glass destroys all the elements along a horizontal or vertical line while the jug destroys the area of 4x4 cells. In rare cases, you can get a unique piece – a bloody ruby which converts the nearest fruit into cocktails.

The puzzle has got difficult tasks: you have to score the required number of points or destroy all the obstacles on the map. The first task is performed by creating fruit chain while the second can be difficult. There are several obstacles in the game: brick wall, glass, ice, and boxes. Depending on the type, it may take many moves to ruin a block. So, you have to use cocktails to destroy them because for some of them other methods will not work.

There present in-app purchases. Additional bonuses can be bought for real money, or you can convert your rewards and achievements into them. So, you won't significantly depend on the system of donation.

It's also possible to compete with friends or fight against enemies, and share achievements on the social network Facebook! If you don't have friends in the game, you can try yourself against the artificial intellect.


Graphics here is bright, catchy, and appetizing. Fruits make you think about tropics and summer. Changing locations let you feel the atmosphere of various places and times. The pleasant interface doesn't distract your attention.

Fruit Bump is one of the few games that will lift your spirits with tasks, as well as your appetite for bright and juicy fruits! Though it's a «three in a row» game, there exist special features, e.g., various obstacles.


4 / 5

Author: Bump Technologies