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Clue is a full version game for Android that belongs to the category Board, and has been developed by Marmalade Game Studio.
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Clue perfectly copes with the role of the periods' calendar. Also, it may become your intimate diary and will show much useful information about women's bodies.


The application gives quite an interesting visualization of the menstrual cycle. Dealing with it is very simple: you have to enter the date of the last critical days and the average duration of your cycle. Based on this data, the application will create your own calendar.

Also, you can set up reminders a few days before the start of ovulation or before the start of periods. So, it will be possible to get ready for menstruation or for potential impregnation because you'll remember about everything.

In the upper right corner, there is placed a special icon that denotes information. Clicking on it in certain days of the cycle, you can read useful information about this period and get tips that may help you.

If you tap on the circle in the middle of the interface, you can select an icon in each of the sections (fluids, sex, emotions , temperature, pills, etc.) in order to indicate what happened on that day and what emotions and physical sensations you have had.

The app calculates three cycles ahead, based on your average information. It can be seen in what month, what and how happened. Moreover, you can store data for several years that may help you.


The application can be fully customized, according to your wishes and needs. After you make any changes, the program immediately updates the forecasts. The list of parameters is quite impressive: from hygiene products to skin, hair condition, digestion, physical activity, and contraception.

The app can be connected to devices such as the Fitbit bracelet and the Oura ring to make the indicators even more accurate. So, you may know how active you are in various days.

The program is free of charge. Anyway, if you want a more detailed analysis, based on your data, you'll have to pay.

Probably, the single disadvantage is that you can't mark in it that you're pregnant. So, after the birth of the child, you'll have to start make notes from the beginning.

Many similar programs provide only approximate information about your periods, but this calendar is extremely accurate and allows you to understand your body better. Your task is to enter data about your menstruation in time. The program will analyze it and inform you about the approximate date of next periods, and in most cases the forecast is accurate.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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