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Coin Master

Coin Master is cool new game where players take on the role of a Viking and go in search of treasure.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


Oh Goodness, it’s bigger, it’s better, it’s here and it’s the Coin Master!

What would you give to own a fleet or villages built from gold? We’d say spin a wheel and discover the secret to becoming the world’s greatest Viking king!

Developed by Moon Active Gaming, this game wrecks of incredible graphic displays, so incredible that even the freakiest gamers out there can attest to this statement. Not to say the excitement that spurs from the casino-style spinning wheel to building-a-village style game. It’s everything the spin lovers want!

With more than 10,000,000 Google Play downloads, Coin Master has emerged as one of the super games of spinning wheel genre. Bloodbaths and fight cruelty are exclusively restricted, making it absolutely entertainment safe for youths and kids.


You start with 75 000 coins on your account. You will have to spend 60 000 coins to buy your first village, and then your journey begins. These are the small tips which you should remember in the Coin Master Game Play.

  • Choose a name for your viking.

  • As soon as a new game starts, you get eight free spins.

  • You will earn five free spins after every 60 minutes of play.

  • Use 20 stars to move to a new village.

  • Connect your game account to your Facebook account to get special notifications and bonuses.

  • You will have to complete the tasks on each level.

  • For each level, you’ll win hammers or shields or coins or a piggy face.


Every little aspect of the game design speaks something beautiful and comes off in bright addictive colors. You start at one point and, as you build, the color scheme unravels. You’ll get past boring monochrome tints and shades to exploring kaleidoscopic pictures and illustrations.

Check out the layout and sketch designs. They open another world of volume and magic and literally make you feel you’re taking on a real-life tour. In the same vein, the sound design is all sort of suspense powerful, intriguing and fun.


When you’re playing Coin Master, you’ve got to move smart and fast. Coining out slot machine is just one way to loot. Have you tried a little stealing yet? Or a bit of trading? Yep! Yep! You can do both. You could also invite friends, attack or raid them (and not just foes) to save enough loot for building your own Viking dynasty! So bounce on board and get started!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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