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Color is a social sharing app for your iPhone that will allow you to take photos and create photo-based groups with people located near you.
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Bet you’re no drawing genius, bet you couldn’t fail a chance to crack an art today!

Coloring has never been brighter and better. It’s more than just colors! It’s electric. So get ready to knock your friends off with some sharp pixel art. Color by Number has existed since our childhood and now it’s turned into pixel format. With hundreds of interesting pictures, kids and adults will have a bunch of numbers to color from.

Developed and built by Easy Brains, this app allows you to choose the themes of drawings dedicated to winter holidays, for example, and then hang out these beautiful pictures of Santa Claus, jingle bells or a Christmas tree in Pixel Art at your house as decorations.


Firstly, you’ll have to select your most favorite image you’d like to work on. You won’t have to beat yourself up about which colors to pick from. There’s no hassle here because everything’s been already put into dreamy colors and is ready to blow your mind in a billion ways. What’s more, the picture is divided into various fragments, each of them with a number. This number corresponds to a certain color. Uncertainties are ideally managed: the worst mistakes can be erased and turned into more desirable colors and forms. Boys can work on cars and superheroes, and adults can find something to their taste: flowers, animals, pop art images and other stuff. The best part is that you don’t need to buy a stationary lorry.


From mandalas, flowers, sweets, and other coloring pages to the very easy and detailed bits, Color by Number got them all under one umbrella. Uncover new coloring pages and pictures to bring your everyday fantasies to life. The 3D artworks are a perfect innovation to create hyper-realistic and naturalistic 3D images. If you deem it entertaining, you could adopt the Pixel Art Camera for selfies or preferably transform your photos into pixel art! Color by Number features an array of tools. Magic wands are for painting cells of the same color and drop color splash is used to paint wide areas.


To make pixel art is to have daily strings of colorful parties. There’s no need to break a sweat trying to create your own works or organize a competition of drawings on somebody’s birthday. You can do it all right here. This is the best form of art therapy for young painters.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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