Connect 4

Connect 4

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Connect 4 review

There’s only one thing in the world you would want, and that is Connect4!

Connect-Four is a tic-tac-toe-like two-player game in which players alternately place checkers on a vertical board. This game is nothing short of pure pleasures. It can be played both by children and adults.

Rules are simple and easy to pick up. You could play to win by adopting the various strategies made available in the game. Released as a board game in 1974, Connect 4 has been top family game ever since. A few years ago Connect 4 has quickly become a sensation within the online game community. With more installs, every day, word of mouth for this game is absolutely convincing. Playable online in a multiplayer or in one of the three computer modes (easy, medium, hard) with different colored circles, the game keeps you perfectly going.


The main aim is to align a player’s four checkers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal manner. The checkers must imperatively be placed on the lowest line or another checker.

  • At the start of the game

For a good start, place a maximum of checkers in the middle column so that you maximize possibilities of aligning 4 checkers in the following turns. This move throws off your opponents from doing the same. Then make up a strategy consisting of traps that will manipulate your opponent into playing a move leading to your win.

  • Go for the win

An easy method of trapping your opponent at Connect 4 is to create a winning double line (two lines which lack one checker in order to have a line of four).

  • Aim higher

If you want to attain a higher ranking, try to block columns in such a way that whenever your opponent places a checker, you would win at the next turn (or it would lead to a double line). This strategy triggers your opponent into making moves he doesn’t want to make, and will eventually sell them out.


Experience the sheer entertainment and undiluted fun that come from the original soundtrack and colorful graphics. Watch your opponent at close range, with the clarity and precision provided by the image designs created by skilled developers. Plot your strategy, execute it and win in a simple laid out interface.


Download and play this excellent version of the popular turn-based Connect 4 multiplayer game by Sam Baird. This game is as simple as it is challenging and fun. And guess what Connect 4 lovers are up to? A smooth-running game lots of fun and the best drills. It’s time you had a feel of this bliss!

Connect 4

4 / 5

Author: Strawbits