Construction Simulator 2

Construction Simulator 2

5 / 5


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Construction Simulator 2 review

Build amazing skyscrapers or houses with lovely little gardens on your smartphone! Construction Simulator 2014 is a pretty realistic and powerful building tool to boost up your imagination and evolve creation.


The game’s plot is pretty simple yet challenging. Once you launch the Construction Simulator 2014, you become a construction company owner. The company isn’t famous and you don’t have any orders, so you have to start your own business from scratch. Sounds kinda realistic, isn’t it?

To start gaining popularity and get some money, you’ll have to build simple buildings in poor districts. Luckily, you have some machinery and equipment to fulfill these challenges. By the way, you will have to do all the rough work by yourself too. Take out the garbage, plant trees, smooth out the ground, dig a pit and pour concrete. In Construction Simulator 2014 you’ll get a full builder experience.

Before you start to use the equipment, it’s recommended to go through a little game FAQ on how to use it properly. Once you’ve learned, start building and constructing to earn money and level up.

When your small company grows into a large construction company, you will be invited to rich districts. New building types will also be available. For example, you can take orders to construct skyscrapers, indoor pools, schools, and colleges. To complete these orders, you’ll have up to 14 types of German and American professional building equipment like LIEBHERR, MAN, STILL, CATERPILLAR, etc.

Work and build in all city districts. To find easily the exact location, use the game’s ensuite map and go directly to the designated place.


The game is realistic in all of its features. When it comes to graphics, you will be amazed by the detailed and live view of Construction Simulator 2014. High-quality textures and sharp animations take you deep into the HD game world that looks exactly like the real one.

Modern city buildings, naturally-looking trees, and plants, real autobahns with car crashes and accidents, all these incredible features are stuffed in only 19MB.


The Construction Simulator 2014 is a unique building and architecture simulation game, where you can literally feel and experience the whole way of a simple craftsman to the foreman, leading the construction process. The game developers did their best, releasing a well thought-out game to the last detail.

The Construction Simulator 2014 offers you a lot of construction equipment along with a challenging plot and amazing graphics, which makes it a must-have for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Construction Simulator 2

5 / 5

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