Cooking Fever

Time sensitive game where players cook and prepare meals in a virtual restaurant
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Are you ready to test your cooking and time management skills? Try the Cooking Fever game! This cartoon-ish app is total fun yet challenging. Cook various dishes from a simple omelet to exquisite regale and become the best chef in the town!


Cooking Fever became a favorite app for both parents and kids as soon as it was launched for the first time. The gameplay requires a player nothing but a quick response to the customer needs. But this is not the main challenge at all. Go through 20 different locations, buy cafes and patisseries, pizza houses and exclusive oriental restaurants and decorate them as you like. Each of these places will let you use different ingredients for cooking or baking different dishes. The game has more than 400 levels to go through, so you won’t ever get bored. Every level offers less time but more complex dishes to cook, more ingredients to unlock and more place decorations to get. The levels are completed when you get three stars for each of them. You can also achieve one or two stars and go through the level again to complete it with the best possible score.

The Cooking Fever game is pretty realistic. Like in real life, you have to attract the customers to your cafe, bakery or restaurant and here’s where you can use all your boss skills. Give away free cakes and cookies, fulfill the clients' orders as quickly as possible, cook yummies and get more and more visitors!


Game graphics look cool and poky. Vibrant colors and shiny detailed textures make the Cooking Fever look like a nice cartoon. You’ll be amazed by the games’ kitchen stuff and dishes looks. Cooking Fever is also decorated with high-quality animations that run smoothly with no glitches at all. The game sounds only add fun to the gameplay experience. It doesn’t bother you, but you can mute it in Settings if needed.

According to the last update, the game requires an Internet connection to play it, so make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or 3G network.


Cooking Fever is an amazing game that will always keep you occupied. You’ll be constantly challenged to unlock more locations, more dishes, more ingredients and decorations, so you’ll never get bored with it. With its original graphic design and simple yet daring gameplay, the game will quickly become your favorite toy to spend time with.

Get the Cooking Fever for your Android device now and feel the whole experience of a professional chef just on your smartphone.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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