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Are you a professional poker gamer or amateur? Try your luck in the most popular gambling right on your Android device! DH Texas Poker is here to offer you excitement and the best playing options to enjoy.


The DH Texas Poker game plot is rather straightforward. Otherwise, why should you sit at the card table if not to start the game?

DH Texas Poker is an online game where you can try your luck in a battle with other users. So, your first task is to create an account. You can choose your appearance from the proposed four male and female images, or place your own photo, which is what many players do. The game also offers a possibility to play as a guest without creating an account. Initially, you’ll be invited as a Joker.

At the beginning of the game, you are given a certain amount of poker tokens. Further, you can increase their number winning the games or buy them with Google Play for real money.

There is a large variety of game options to try as well as gaming tables. The easiest mode for a beginner is the ‘Play Now’ mode. If you’re an experienced player, you can polish your skills using the ‘Sit-n-Go’ mode. In addition, you can create a private game session and play with friends online.

And finally, the casino selection mode, where you are given the chance to play in any of the casinos located in the world’s most famous gambling capitals. These are Sun City, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Macau and, of course, Las Vegas. The temptation is great, isn’t it? Make the game worth the candles!


DH Texas Poker offers every single pixel of the screen of your device to immerse you into the atmosphere. Beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen with so-called ‘poker’ face, the effect of dimmed lighting over card tables, all of these features are undoubted advantages of the DH Texas Poker visual design.

The text font is small but quite readable, and the cards look good as well. The color scheme of the game is sustained in pleasant, soft shades. Pretty detailed textures also look quite attractive.


The overall impression of DH Texas Poker is what makes you return for more sessions again and again. Everything here is created and performed for the joy of the player. This is the excellent simulator that allows you to spend your free time in exciting poker contests, where only the very best win.

Train your skills to become a pro or polish the master proficiency, DH Texas Poker is good for everyone.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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