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Episode - Choose Your Story

Explore. Play. Create.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


The Episode is the game providing the largest choice of stories where you are allowed to decide how to behave. In addition, you can create your own story in any genre and live it together with the characters. Every new scene causes different changes. In other words, you choose your game and follow it until the end. Mix every emotion in it like drama, romance, love, anger, joy, and play as one member of that society communicating with others.


Speaking about the collection of stories available, you get access to 100 000 ones. You can start with Love life providing unbelievable romance in New York City with flirt and parties. There is also a Baby project where you will be involved in the drama in high school. You can participate in Pretty Little Liars when some mysterious person appears to blackmail your character. If you like, you can choose the story of the superstar in Demi Lovato where you will try to combine friendship, love, and admiration. There are a lot of other themes.

And remember, that your every choice does matter. There are various options including customization of your avatar. You are able to design your look at changing clothes, haircut, make-up, and more. The character you navigate can make friends with others, or become rivals or fall in love. You will feel responsibilities just like in your real life. You will never be bored with the different endings which depend on your words and decisions.

These diverse worlds make you return to the title again and again to figure out all its options.

As we have mentioned, you are suggested to write your own interactive stories and release them right on this platform and watch them to be played.


Visuals are quite realistic and really well-done. Still, you will understand that the characters are cartoonish with all their emotions and appearances. You will enjoy bright colors and diverse surroundings. Controls are rather easy, and when you are suggested to create your characters, you should apply drag and drop tools. There are frequent sexual themes made in an appropriate way.


The Episode is very popular and worth to be played with friends or alone trying a large collection of interactive stories. The diversity of endings allows you to build your life as you prefer and to make a lot of choices. If you want the events to develop in some special way, you can create your own course of events and publish your stories.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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