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FarmVille: Tropic Escape

This app allows for its users to set up a virtual farm on an island
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


FarmVille 2 is a nice click-fest game allowing you to master your skills in farming and entertain yourself with this challenging activity. Download FarmVille 2 and imagine that you have inherited a farm or just launch your own business, anyway you should run this household in order to succeed and get profit. Wish you luck!


For those who are fond of farming this game is a nice way to diverse a long range of analogues. You will face only one slight disappointment connected with terms restricting you as to the size of a farm and potential stakes. If you want to evade these limits, you should spend some real money.

Launching the game, you will get a family farm to run it and enhance. You are supposed to be occupied with growing crops and harvesting, caring for animals and producing various products to sell at the market. Think of the ways to craft even more complicated products to make them rare and in demand for customers that can provide you with more profit. There are sales boards which display prices for the products you have made. As a result, your successful sales will bring your experience points. Storage is limited, resources are restricted. You can change the things if meet certain requirements or spend currency. You will be involved in rather complicated quests. But we should confess that this game still does not have so many restrictions as the analogues do have. You will be able to play it without interruption for hours.


Graphics are really nice with coloured animation surroundings and cute characters. Trees sway moved by a breeze, birds fly, and other things look really alive. You will be able to understand all that happening on the screen easily and keep the events under control with the help of simple touching make every challenge easy to complete due to the intuitive interface. The perfect layout suggests you any needed menu sections within reach. Design is nothing special with the primitive background but rather detailed. And different farms will look a little bit similar even when you progress.


This game is a perfect way to immerge into rural life and learn how you can earn your profit managing the farm. It is really beautiful with detailed animation and bright colours. Being easily controlled with simple touching it does not demand a lot of skills and concentration of your attention and will be a nice time killer. Still, there are challenges and tasks which cannot be performed without strategic thinking.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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