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Free WiFi Connect

Free WiFi Connect is a free Android app that belongs to the category Communication Apps with subcategory Other Communication.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


The main Free WiFi Connect app goal is to search for open WiFi network in your region and, after that, connect to them automatically. It allows you to save the data usage and creates a great environment to quickly and easy access to the free WiFi networks by simply tapping on any of the available networks.


Free WiFi Connect has all of the necessary features for connecting and managing wireless networks including:

  • Creating personal hotspot;
  • Bonjour Browser;
  • Smart WiFi;
  • Network Scanner;
  • Configure Router.

The users can create their personal hotspot with auto turn off feature, synchronize open and shared WiFi around them, and much more. To be sure that the connection is secure the users can check out all the WiFi details and directions like the name of the network, the place where the router is, and open/closed network status. If you don’t want to reach a certain WiFi, you can block it at any moment. At the same time, the app doesn’t change the hotspot if the device is connected to any saved network. It respects your choice. Free WiFi Connect show only the open networks and doesn’t connect to secured networks.


It is very easy to operate through the app even for people who have just installed it. Free WiFi Connect has handy tools like a personal hotspot, bonjour browser, smart WiFi, network scanner, and router configuration in one menu tab. Every menu item has big icons on which you can tap and see more settings. It is very easy to discover new spots because Free WiFi Connect has a map view with noticeable markers. If there are a lot of hotspots in one place, the app automatically clusterized them and show only the number. You need to zoom this area to see more. Once you tap on any network, you see the detailed information about it on the bottom of the screen. Users can always turn WiFi on/off with one touch. This option is placed on the top of the screen no matter what menu tab you open. They can also connect/disconnect to any network they want by simply tapping on it.


Free WiFi Connect is a really great app to simplify the process of creating and managing wireless connections. The app takes care of only open WiFi hotspots around you. Users can block the WiFi they don’t want to be connected automatically, create personal hotspots and see the devices connected to their WiFi connection. All the tools are placed in one menu tab and the app has pretty good usability.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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