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Godus review

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a God? Just imagine: you can create new worlds, decide the fate of others and rule over a living. With Godus you can live out your fantasy. It is a game developed by 22cans and related to the Simulation genre. The players can feel truly powerful in epic award-winning virtuality.


In Godus you can create new unique worlds fast and simple. For this, just use your touch of fingers to physically design, mine, craft and sculpt every inch of the landscape. There no similar worlds because every user can create everything he wants - the limitations are only in your fantasy. As a god, you have the opportunity to watch the life of small Followers, influence their lives and the world they live in. Take care of them, and you will be rewarded with their love and worship. You can:

  • Help to build and craft the buildings in living quarters;
  • Design the surroundings;
  • Beautify the land;
  • Encourage happiness around the community and much more.

Imagine that there is a small civilization which is only starting to rise in primitive ages. And you need to help them to achieve advances throughout the ages of humanity. Show your tiny Followers how to build and mine, and, then, unlock new tools and technologies. The game has lots of different views and landscapes. For example, you can build ships, and find new places for living, and start to inhabit them.

Of course, only you can decide which god you are: the kind god who inspires the Followers and builds rivers, or destructive that spread the fire and wars. But be aware that you do not need to be the same all time, sometimes you need to show the violence and sometimes help the Followers. And it is your choice of what gameplay you prefer: calmer and relaxing or with lots of challenges and secrets.


The game is made in a cartoon-like style. It uses very simple figures without extra details. But, at the same time, all visuals in Godus are high-quality without any pixels. Also, the developers added some glows and animations.


In fact, Godus creates a real god-like experience. The navigation is simple and understandable. Moreover, the game is free to install but requires a network connection to play. The visuals are great and high-quality. To sum up, if you like the games where a player needs to explore new landscapes, build cities, nurture the growth of civilization - you definitely need to play this game!


5 / 5

Author: 22cans