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Granny is a free first-person horror game providing that rare atmosphere which makes you get terrified. The effect is rather unique because the design of the title is simple, and it seems that there is nothing special around to be afraid of. Still, the dark environment with the granny – a character curdling the blood, are the key frightening elements. Story here does not impress a lot. You will navigate a character which needs to escape from a locked flat where a terrible grandam lives who will kill you in all cases if she awakes and catches you. We suppose that the developers have managed to cover the genre here and that is why you will be entertained quite a lot.


The title is short – very short so that, even if you are not sure in its value but feel interested, you can try and get an idea during a short period of time. Once again we cannot talk about strong replayability due to this peculiarity, but we promise you will get cheerful experience.
You are to navigate the key character, taking advantages of the fact that the granny is asleep, but the slightest noise is able to disturb her, and there will be the end of your calm being. She starts haunting the rooms in the search for you. In this case, the only way out is to hide in various places like in the wardrobe or behind the corner.

You have five days to reach your goal. Take any chance to get out while granny sleeps. Do it keeping silent. But if you fail and the granny kills you, the game will be over. There are no additional lives or resources. Such simple and primitive gameplay is able to make you be engaged in it. You are suggested to try several modes with increasing complicity: Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme.


Of course, the granny’s appearance makes this game thrilling. Those fiery eyes and a strange face with a mask are awful. In general, the graphics are poor but efficient ant that is a success of this title. Be ready to do without beautiful background and sceneries, details of the interior, or good looking characters. There is nothing of that. The visuals are intended to make you strained, and that will work, you will see.


So, Granny is a quality horror game with brief gameplay and rather challenging modes. You will enjoy it for sure if you are not too demanding for graphics. It will deliver the fresh experience, and you will appreciate it even if you hardly want to play it again. The horror genre is well-presented within this title, and at the same time, it does not demand a lot of efforts and skills of you.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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