Helix Jump

Reach the bottom of the tower!
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Helix Jump is a free game based on physics which is very simple and addicting. It has no story. On the screen, you will see a tower and a ball, which is expected to get to the bottom of that tower. You should manage to reach the result by spinning a special platform and making the ball fall down from the floor to the next one. It is important to notice various objects on the platform, which can prevent a ball from finding its way down. You should avoid such obstacles. It is possible to pass through multiple levels, and that will break several next floors speeding up navigation. Try to manage to lead a ball through tower labyrinth with taps only.


The gameplay mechanics is very addictive despite the simplicity of the game and lack of diversity. Once again you have a kind of a pipe looking like a tower with rotatable discs attached to it at various levels. There is a ball at a top disk or stage. You are expected to rotate the discs in various directions so that a ball drops down. This movement requires some skills which you will master while playing. Step by step, it should be forced to the bottom of the stage. Progressing, you will find the discs, which do not allow you to continue. In this case, the game is over. Remember that if you are lucky and skilled enough to make your ball fall through three and more gaps at a time, you get bonuses. You can boost your score or destroy the next disk a ball lands on and that decreases the number of such steps towards the finish. The game is not endless. You will come to the result at a level and continue performing the more complicated tasks. This arcade game provides a pleasant playing experience. It is fun though there is a lot of advertisement which is annoying, of course.


Graphics are rather simple here but still well-done. You will slide your finger right or left to make a disk spin – and that requires some skills. In general, controls are responsive, and the game runs smoothly looking very nice. The simplistic design does not spoil the things, though, such approach is not for every player. If you prefer colorful images rich in details, you’d better skip the title.


In Helix Jump, you will navigate a ball, making it pass through the tower to the bottom, and that is not simple at all. There are colorful obstacles on the platforms preventing you from performing the task and blocking the progress. You will learn tricks helping you to overcome them. Do your best to reach the bottom under any circumstances!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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by Brandi Lewis
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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