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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


PUBG mobile is a free multiplayer shooter. The genre usually is not well adjusted to the portable devices because touchscreen controls are not quite suited for such games. But this one feels to be much better, indeed, compared with others. Use the on-screen buttons for various movements, rotate your camera with your thumb, and master the skills on the go! Firing is also carried out with your thumb. It is important to use an equipped gun in a proper way of aiming thoroughly. As you see, there are a lot of features and a restricted number of tools. Still, the game is great.


The gameplay is strong enough. You will be suggested to learn the island’s geography, apply all weapons you have and drive any vehicles when you are involved in the fighting. Just take your smartphone out of your pocket and battle with opponents on the go at any time.

First of all, if you log in, you will get daily rewards providing you with battle points. You can spend them on various items like clothes for your character. Though, you can do without it and play wearing just a pair of pants. You will appreciate efficient progression mechanics allowing you to speed the things up. There are also event rewards based on the objectives. It is possible to connect a profile to Facebook, and that allows you to invite your FB friends to play easily. Here you will use virtual joysticks to navigate your character, camera, and vehicles. Be ready to feel the game clumsy at the beginning, but you will master the controls soon.


The title looks pretty good. Here you will find nice lighting and visual effects even if they are simpler compared with the PC version due to the difference in hardware. Enjoy the perfect background, detailed guns, and nice-looking characters even if textures have low resolution. Unfortunately, we cannot prove the high quality of the audio. You will hear the direction of noises showing an enemy’s location, but they are not clear enough here.


PUBG Mobile is worth of playing. It is full of useful features providing a stable smooth experience without bugs. Once again, we should say that touchscreen controls are not perfectly accurate but responsive and efficient enough if you master them. You will enjoy the battles of this shooter, never knowing where the enemy will appear at the next moment.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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