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Words With Friends Classic

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


Words With Friends Classic is a crosswords puzzle game. Though, it is not as deep as some analogues, but it will expand your vocabulary adding new words and helping to remember them for a long time. Make your mind sharp on the go! You can access the title across almost all your mobile devices. But its most important peculiarity is social interaction. It is integrated with Facebook allowing you to socialize while playing. Be ready that after every game you will get an advertisement.


Play this word-building game which you will definitely love and appreciate its smart puzzles and strong simple asynchronous gameplay. We cannot say that it is original. You will have a board with letters distributed in it. There are double and triple both letter and word squares. The players should take seven letters at random and place a word following the rules. It looks a lot like a crossword puzzle.

You should apply all your knowledge, and even your logical thinking to complete the challenges and succeed. The title delivers such an option as an in-game chat where you can communicate with other players, discuss the strategies with your friends, and enjoy being a member of this community. If you have nobody to join to, use random opponent matchmaking and find new friends. When you play long enough, you get your stats in the form of the win or loss record allowing you to be aware of your progress and compare your efficiency against your opponents.


The interface of this app is very comprehensive. There is a sidebar where you will see your active games and those which were completed before. In your top menu, you will find the options for muting the sound, creating a username, using the chatroom, going to the store, and more. Here you will get help and can post a challenge to your wall. Apply various controls. You are suggested to adjust settings if you are not satisfied with default ones.

There is some difference when you compare the desktop and mobile versions. The latter allows for applying a vertical screen. But in both cases, the layout is user-friendly, making it easy to understand the rules and to play.


This is an extremely addictive title. You will add the words to a grid taking them from the other player’s words. Try to find the longest word possible to earn more points. Compete with others for points and win. Being hugely popular, this phone application attracts everybody who likes games of this kind. Sometimes the bugs happen, but the updates remove them constantly. Download it and enjoy the engrossing competition.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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