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Exercise Your Brain
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


Wordscapes is a puzzle game with elements of a word search game delivering excellent brain challenges. You will never get bored playing it. It is easy to start and navigate with comprehensive controls. There are in-app purchases with additional coins and other advantages, including removing the advertisement. The game is available in English. You will enjoy playing with a gradually increase in complicity. There is enough variety of the words, thus, it will keep you interested for a long time.


Here you will get access to over 6 000 puzzles and over 1 000 levels. The title suggests you to guess words using letters which are provided in the format of a crossword. It’s a very simple concept to get used to, but the challenge is strong. It takes much longer than one day to complete a level, especially when the game becomes more difficult. And the title is very challenging. You should be rather smart to solve the tasks.

When you fail to complete a level or to understand a word, you are allowed to buy hints at the store. They will help you to uncover difficult words offering letters at the beginning of a word. To get them you should spend real money or in-game currency earned during the game. If you place high in tournament ranks, you will also be rewarded with coins. But be sure that you do not buy all the answers otherwise you detract a great deal from pleasure. Use this help only to prevent things from becoming harder. By the way, you can find out the needed word on the Wordscapes Answers site.


Wordscapes is well-done being nice to look at. The layout is simple, and the background is beautifully arranged with bright colors and visual effects. On the screen, you will see a peculiar table, which should be filled in with words of different lengths written horizontally and vertically. It is easy to do using your finger. Just swipe letters to set them in the place you think appropriate and form a word.


With this game you will never experience boredom when you start playing this addicting word puzzle game. It will enhance your language skills and expand your vocabulary. The game is free to download and is full of challenges. You can play successfully and do not pay for hints only if you want. The game is very addictive and especially if you are fond of words and language. Wordscapes is exactly the title you should be adding to your collection.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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