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World of Tanks Blitz MMO

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


World of Tanks Blitz is an action game which is available for free. If you have ever played a similar title designed for PC, be sure that you will find much in common. There is a rich selection of tanks which are used in a battlefield. You will fight against other players and try to take out their tanks, and at the same time, you should protect your checkpoints. Destroying your enemy’s vehicles, you will get in-game currency allowing to buy new tanks. Invite 14 players to battle at a time. It is possible to communicate with them through text messages.


Here you will enjoy the highly competitive gameplay where there are strong strategic and cooperative elements. We cannot say that the title is too complicated. The environment is well-arranged, and the controls can be mastered without efforts. You’ll get eight maps and a diverse collection of the tanks. 350 armored machines of different countries are made with historical credibility. There are also the experimental vehicles and fantastic monsters. There are 25 locations and various modes of battles.

From the very beginning, you are suggested to start with only three tanks and, of course, they will be the weakest ones of the available collection. Choose the one and make modifications to it if you have cash. It is possible to purchase various types of ammunition. You will pick up boost items. When you are ready to fight, press the correspondent button, and you will be involved in a match with other players. Here you are allowed to shoot, move around, zoom in, and more. You will learn how to navigate your tank – the principles are almost the same as you would face if you drive the natural one. Mastering a couple of movements, you will feel confident as far as in all other respect this is a usual shooter in 3D format.


Graphics impress with the ability to change the configuration in accordance with your device. There are realistic vehicles and ammunition. Also here you will get a detailed combat system. You will navigate the tanks tapping your touchscreens. The game runs smoothly and provides the engrossing playing experience.


The World of Tanks Blitz is full of variety, but still, you would want to have more tanks, modes, and other features. It is rather powerful and well-done, providing the premium playing experience and impressively smooth gameplay. Even though it is a real-time game, the battles are carried out without bugs being brief and intensive. You can enjoy both activities: being involved in well-arranged matches and updating your tanks which also delivers a lot of fun.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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