Game development

Build and design your own game - easy as one, two, three.
Follow our 3-step program promoted by our apps collection team, and succeed in the business of your dream - game development.

  • Step 1. The Idea.

    Send the most detailed list of game’s characteristics to our appscollection team. What kind of graphics is required? How do you imagine your game design? Do you have any idea of your gameplay mechanics? Would it go only in PC version or console support required as well?
    Please give us all your most daring ideas about your future game and ask any questions about our cooperation. We are ready to give you all kind of information needed to create this game.

  • Step 2. The Discussion.

    You can simply count on us in the process of game development. After all details of the future game are gathered, we start bringing your project to life. Programming of the game lasts the period from 30 days to 180 business days. All depends on game specifications and your wishes. On every stage of the project, we continue the discussion with our client. So any detail would pass unnoticed. We stay in touch about our mutual project 24/7.

  • Step 3. The Probation.

    After the game is finally developed our team tests it for bags or any other defects. You as a customer are also involved in the process. On this stage, your game can be published in preview version and tested as well. All your final corrections can be taken into consideration and fixed due to your wishes.

We guarantee quality of our products. Even after those 3 stages you can connect with us for further games and apps development and technical support. Get all the needed services and special offers with your every application.
You may get the following appscollection benefits:

  • 25% bonus for every new application considering game or app development;
  • technical support of your product during 18 months after its creation;
  • special e-mail dispatch for our regular customers with the latest news about product development;
  • your brand or product logo can be displayed on the main page of our website;
  • your product will be mentioned in our blog about games and apps.
Feel free to write to us to know the details
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