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Welcome to our video game and app news site! We know that the gaming industry is more than just entertainment – it’s a way for people to come together, explore new worlds, and share experiences. That’s why we make sure our readers don’t miss out on any of the latest games or apps available.

Our team of experts is here to provide you with thorough reviews and tips about all sorts of video games and apps. Whether you’re looking for something for your phone or console, whether it's free-to-play or paid content, you can trust us to get you up-to-date with only the best picks around.

Who We Are

Our game review and news team is made up of diverse and experienced individuals, each with their own distinct responsibilities and expertise. Allow us to introduce you to our fantastic team:

Jeremy Walker

Our Editor-in-Chief. Jeremy is responsible for overseeing the content published on the site. With a background in journalism and a passion for gaming, Jeremy ensures that our content is top-notch, accurate, and engaging for our readers. He also contributes to game reviews and news articles.

Jessie Thomas

As our Senior Game Reviewer, Jessie specializes in providing in-depth and honest reviews of the latest games and apps. His extensive knowledge of various gaming platforms and genres allows him to provide readers with detailed analyses and recommendations, helping you navigate the vast world of gaming.

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We offer comprehensive coverage of upcoming events in both gaming and tech scenes alike so that readers never have to worry about missing out on anything important ever again! Plus, our writers always strive to provide objective reviews so that everyone knows exactly what they're getting themselves into before even downloading a title. Reading our articles first-hand before taking part in any event or downloading a game/app yourself will help you prevent unnecessary disappointment later down the line – which we think is pretty important!

We want nothing more than for our readership base to play their favorite games safely and without having second thoughts on the go. That's why we work hard every day to keep everyone informed about potential dangers and other related issues within this ever-expanding industry. If you're looking for a reliable source where all kinds of gaming & tech info converge – then look no further because we've got your back!