From Hero to Villain: Top 10 Games That Flip the Script

Jessie Thomas
From Hero to Villain: Top 10 Games That Flip the Script

In a world brimming with games where you're the knight in shining armor, the superhero saving the day, or the warrior fighting for justice, it's refreshing to find games that offer a different perspective. Games that allow you to step into the shoes of the villain, offering a fascinating and often darker view of the world. Here are the top 10 games that flip the script and cast you as the villain.


In Prototype, you become Alex Mercer - a man trying to piece together his lost memories while hunting down those who transformed him into a monstrous entity. The absolute carnage wreaked by Alex's superhuman abilities formulates a thrilling open-world experience where chaos and destruction reign supreme. From scaling skyscrapers to gliding across the New York City skyline, Prototype encourages you to explore the depths of your newfound powers and the havoc they can unleash.


Maneater offers a unique twist on the villain trope, allowing you to embody the ultimate underwater predator - a shark. The game starts off slow, as you nurture your little shark pup, but quickly evolves into an intense power struggle against both man and beast. With an unexpected emotional narrative underpinning your brutal hunting spree, Maneater showcases a violent playground that's as satisfying as it is unique.


Carrion flips the horror genre on its head, casting you as the terrifying monster intent on wreaking havoc and escaping its human captors. As you sow panic and destruction, you evolve, gaining new capabilities that add depth to your reign of terror. While the narrative might be sparse, the various ways you can cause destruction are well-designed and exhilarating to execute.


Overlord gives you the reins of corruption as you embark on a quest to conquer the world. You command a horde of minions to defeat your enemies and expand your ever-growing influence. With an immersive story and engaging gameplay that revolves around minion control, Overlord offers a taste of what it feels like to rule with an iron fist.

Destroy All Humans!

In a nostalgic nod to the classic Xbox and PlayStation 2 game, Destroy All Humans! thrusts you into the role of an alien invader. From toppling governments to harvesting human DNA, your mission is to lay waste to 1950s America. The game balances destruction with stealth mechanics, adding an element of intrigue as you pose as humans to infiltrate their ranks.


Vampyr presents a morally ambiguous playground where you straddle the line between hero and villain. As Jonathan Reid, a doctor-turned-vampire, you grapple with your new reality, using your supernatural powers to manipulate those around you. Feed on humans, drain their life force, and influence the world around you as you navigate the dark side of your existence.

The Deed

The Deed sets you up as a cunning murderer attempting to evade justice. As the disinherited heir of a wealthy family, you plot to eliminate your sister, choosing your weapon and planting evidence to misdirect the investigation. Your decisions influence how others perceive you and your chances of escaping conviction, adding a thrilling layer of suspense to the game.


Tyranny, from the creators of Fallout: New Vegas, forces you to question your morals as you serve in an evil army. Amidst a world ravaged by war, your actions shape the future, whether you choose to support the regime or seize power for yourself. The game's compelling narrative and immersive world-building have drawn comparisons to the iconic Baldur's Gate series.

Dungeon Keeper 2

A classic gem from 1999, Dungeon Keeper 2 tasks you with building a formidable dungeon to fend off invading heroes. As you construct a portal to the surface world and amass an undead army, strategy and foresight become key. Despite its age, Dungeon Keeper 2's gameplay remains engaging and its evil simulation aspect is still cherished by many.

Evil Genius

Positioning itself as a world-domination simulator, Evil Genius enables you to design your own lair and construct a doomsday device. Recruit minions, train them, and send them out to complete various tasks. With its strategic gameplay and 1980s-inspired humor, Evil Genius caters to those who favor a more methodical approach to villainy.

These games provide a unique perspective on villainy, allowing players to explore darker narratives and engage in unconventional gameplay. So if you've ever felt the urge to embrace your inner villain, these games might just offer the perfect outlet.

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