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Starfield Enthusiasts Begin Constructing Their Own Out-of-this-World Stations

Jessie Thomas
Starfield Enthusiasts Begin Constructing Their Own Out-of-this-World Stations

Since its release, Bethesda’s space-faring RPG, Starfield, has launched players into the cosmic depths of imagination and creativity. The game's deeply invested modding community has been employing their inventive skills to improve the game, adding all the classic Bethesda mods. But now, they've taken a leap forward, venturing into unexplored territories. Game enthusiasts have started creating their own space stations, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the game.

One talented modder, who goes by the name vexthecollector, has emerged as a notable figure in this new wave. They've unlocked the potential for players to construct their own space stations by tinkering with some pre-existing code. This modification enables players to expand their outposts onto existing structures. Vexthecollector's mod, available on Nexus Mods, includes detailed instructions on how to get your space station up and running, alongside an FAQ page for further clarification.

However, like any groundbreaking innovation, this mod is not without its issues. Many gamers who attempted the construction of their space stations have reported problems with docking their ships once the construction is complete. Vexthecollector has acknowledged these concerns and is working on rectifying the issue. They believe the problem lies in "something deeper in the code" that is currently beyond their editing capabilities.

Despite these minor challenges, the space station mod represents an incredible achievement for the Starfield modding community. Bethesda has always enjoyed a strong modding community, with Starfield being no exception. The presence of the code used by vexthecollector suggests that Bethesda had initially planned to introduce customizable space stations. Whether it's a scrapped concept or a future update, only time will tell.

In conclusion, the Starfield modding community's efforts to enhance and expand the game's universe are truly commendable. This space station mod could potentially open up a new frontier for players, providing them with more freedom and control over their space adventures. While we eagerly wait for Bethesda to officially introduce buildable space stations, this mod provides a glimpse into what might lie ahead. Regardless of what the future holds, it’s clear that Starfield's fans are ready and willing to take their space exploration to new heights.

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