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    Euchre is an ancient social card game which is played in a real life and developed for users of mobile devices. This is a “trick-taking” g...

  • Cribbage logo


    When there are dozens of different flashy, bright, modern games for our gadgets, we return to classics more and more often. What can be better than a...

  • Hitman Go logo

    Hitman Go

    Hitman Go is a turn-based puzzle game developed by Square Enix Montreal and released in 2014 for iOS and Android devices. The game is a spin-off of th...

  • Alice's Restaurant - Word Game logo

    Alice's Restaurant - Word Game

    Alice's Restaurant - Word is an interesting and unique word game that is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. The gameplay is relatively simple but...

  • Tiny Wings logo

    Tiny Wings

    Created by Andreas Illiger, Tiny Wings is one of the simplest, yet most addictive games in the App Store. The premise of the game is to help a bird, a...