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  • Author: KARMAN Games
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Euchre is an ancient social card game which is played in a real life and developed for users of mobile devices. This is a “trick-taking” genre. Being rather simple in concept, it still requires a high degree of smartness while playing. Download Euchre and try your fortune with cards.


You can play solo or with partners. In a classic variant, there must be two teams with two players to a team. At your disposal, there is a standard deck consisting of 52 cards but you should reduce it by taking out cards from the ace to the 9. So, only 24 cards are used in the game. In the beginning, every player gets five cards. When an opening lead is performed, playing continues clockwise around the table. Play one card at a time. If your card is the highest one compared to others, you will take all four cards and that will mean you take a trick. The target is to take as many tricks as possible - not less than three of them. Thus, you earn points allowing you to win the match if you will be the first to get 10 in general. There is a special menu with statistics where you are suggested the information about the total games played by you and also the number of won games. You will know a number of euchres made and in this way, you will understand your progress.


Graphics of the game are rather nice and simple. You will see cards and use a keyboard or a simple click to perform needed action, open a card and make other movements. The interface is user-friendly with easy options to adjust settings to your preferences. You will easily understand balanced rules if you follow tutorial and tips for players. Though the app runs in a smooth manner, you can face some difficulties and in this case, you are welcome to email developer with any technical problems. Complaints are always considered and bugs will be fixed. You will see the advanced latest version in the store.


Even if this is not a new game for you, you hardly know that it is one of the oldest card games being popular all over the world and not only in some single country or with a particular nationality. Its roots date back to the 18th century. The place of its birth is Europe. This is not for individual players who want to compete against each other. Euchre is a team sport. Here players should communicate and build strategies. Perhaps, this social focus has made this game so popular and preferred to be played in quaint when in a real life. But now you can enjoy it on your mobile device.

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