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  • Minecraft logo


    Minecraft is a popular survival game that was created by Mojang Studios in 2009. Developers regularly update the game and add their different content....

  • Mario Kart Tour logo

    Mario Kart Tour

    Mario Kart Tour is a racing game released for mobile devices. It is free to be translated into a range of languages. This time Mario with his friends...

  • Gacha Life logo

    Gacha Life

    Gacha Life is a mobile social network game developed by Japanese company Bandai Namco. The game is about living in a town, and the player can build th...

  • Facebook logo


    Facebook is a social network, created by Mark Zuckerberg, that is used to connect with friends, family, and to share information. The app is available...

  • Discord - Chat for Gamers logo

    Discord - Chat for Gamers

    Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers. The app is designed to be accessible and easy-to-use, and is available on desktop, web, and mobi...

  • Apex Legends™ logo

    Apex Legends™

    Apex Legends is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle royal games for today being designed in an impressive way with realistic scenes and alive c...

  • FOX NOW logo


    FOX Now is an application that provides you with diverse video content of high quality. You can count on news, sports, culture, movies - whatever. Dow...

  • Valorant logo


    VALORANT is your global competitive stage. It’s a 5v5 tac-shooter matchup to plant or defuse the Spike in a one-life-per-round, first to 13 seri...