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Minecraft is a popular survival game that was created by Mojang Studios in 2009. Developers regularly update the game and add their different content. Minecraft supports many game modes. Also, you can play the game online with friends or random players. You can download Minecraft for  Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Raspberry Pi platforms.

Graphics and Controls

Minecraft game became famous thanks to the unusual graphical effects. All the objects in the game have a cubic form.

Moreover, the graphics are not realistic. The picture is colorful, but the in-game locations might be different. Biomes in Minecraft usually have a different environment. You will be able to meet certain monsters, trees, and block only in specific biomes.  Controls in Minecraft are pretty intuitive. The controls have a lot in common with other first-person games. However, players are able to enable a third-person view. The controls will stay the same.

Game Modes in Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival game. Here players will have to find food, fight monsters, explore villages, caves, temples, and other interesting locations. However, developers allow you to slightly change the gameplay. Thus, you can play Survival mode (a default game mode. You will respawn if you die), Hardcore (if you die, you lose the game and cannot respawn), and Creative mode (you have an unlimited number of resources and cannot die).  In addition, you can play Minecraft with your friends. You can find servers online, or you can create the server by yourself. If you look for the servers online, there is an excellent chance that you will be playing with other Minecraft players.


    Gripping gameplay; A lot of game modes; You can play the game online; Simple controls; The game world is full of interesting locations;


    The graphics are not everyone's cup of tea; Minecraft is not a free game;


Minecraft is a game that worth your attention. First of all, it allows you to survive alongside your friends. While playing, you will be able to craft various objects (doors, fences, swords, shields, chests, etc.) to make it easier to survive. However, some people might not like the graphical effects of Minecraft. Nevertheless, the game is available for download on many platforms.

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