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Mario Kart Tour is a racing game released for mobile devices. It is free to be translated into a range of languages. This time Mario with his friends will travel all over the world racing along with different courses.

In general, the Mario Kart series is very popular. And the new release matches everyone’s expectations of being smart and engrossing. You are suggested to play with your one finger, steering and drifting without effort. You will win by overcoming the obstacles following your routes. Be ready for classic and new Mario Kart courses.

Graphics and Sound (10/10)

The title is well-designed. The courses are developed on the basis of real-world cities. You will enjoy new picturesque views traveling to the destinations rotating every two weeks. Still, there are the iconic locales, which you have seen already. Some popular Mario Kart characters appear with that local flavor of cities.

Controls (10/10)

The controls are responsive and simple. You should drag your finger on the screen in order to navigate the characters. As a result, they will drive forward automatically. When you drag your finger right or left, you make them to turn. There are items that are activated only after you pick them up, while others need to be touched on the screen and they will be on immediately. There are a lot of elements taken off Super Mario Run. You can turn your smartphone onto any side as if you are steering the wheel and through this action, you will apply the so-called motion controls.

Gameplay (9/10)

We would speak about the deep gameplay with a lot of new ideas. You will play against seven players online. When you start, you will have a kart, driver, and glider. During the game, you will unlock new karts and drivers. In order to access them all, you should complete the tasks and earn Grand Stars. Your maps include the features from all other releases of the series. In addition, you will get a range of powerful items allowing you to experiment when you are going along your racetrack. If you want to make things more complicated, choose the new Frenzy mode with an unlimited supply of such opportunities making you unstoppable. Take advantage of this mode to the most extent because it is rather brief to last forever.

As to the bonus systems, you should know that some races do not bring a victory, meaning that if you come first, you will not complete the level. There are challenges that require some special approach and appliance of smart strategies. When you perform achievements, you will earn the badges which can be displayed next to your in-game name.

Lasting Appeal (10/10)

The game provides an engrossing experience with a lot of variations. You can try out different combinations of karts and drivers, apply various strategies, choose particular courses to master them. As a result, you increase your score and become the best!



    Free game with nice in-app purchases; Numerous courses designed on the ground of real cities; Simple and responsive controls;


    There is an advertisement;


Download this title on your mobile device and compete with other players choosing the best of them all over the world. Your high scores will show your skills compared with your opponents. You will see your goals making you to continue practicing to reach the best results.

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